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In the heart of a small town, I embarked on a journey of empowerment. With over 7 years of mentoring, I've propelled students to prestigious institutions, leaving an indelible mark. Today, I stand as a beacon of self-realization, honing leadership mindsets, fine-tuning vision planning, and amplifying productivity.

Tomorrow, I envisage a landscape where impact knows no bounds. By connecting like minds, providing invaluable resources, and forging formidable teams, I'm sculpting a future where growth is not just a goal, but a way of life.



Founder & CEO

TAM Enterprises

Empowering Future Leaders: From hosting career mentorship seminars, webinars, and physical events to guiding students in choosing the right path, we've been a steadfast companion in their educational journey. Our mentorship group ensures swift problem-solving. Through programs like the Youth Leadership and Young Startup initiatives, we're shaping decisive leaders. The Top 1% Community is our latest stride towards nurturing impactful personalities for nation-building

2017 - 2021

Alumni Relations

SRM University

Connecting alumni with the students for the betterment of the SRM community. We had over 1.2 Lakh alumni across the globe. We started events like SRM Achievers Connect, Internship Fair, Leadership Talks, Mentoring Program, Young Leadership Program at Directorate of Alumni Affairs. We had an awesome team of 80+ Student Leaders at SRMIST.


2009 - 2013

Bachelor Degree in Nano Tech

SRM University

A Bachelor's Degree in Nanotechnology delves into the intricate world of manipulating matter at the nanoscale. Students explore disciplines like physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, honing skills to construct and analyze nanoscale materials and devices. They delve into quantum mechanics, nanomaterial synthesis, and characterization techniques.




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Public Speaking

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Social Entrepreneur

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August 2014

Guest of Honor

Issued by Director, SNIST